सोमवार, 13 जून 2011

Ware Houses Inaugurated

RAIPUR / Food Storage is crucial to public essential commodity demand. Chairman Ashok Bajaj inaugurated the Food Storage Ware Houses in Marwahi Area. The capacity of Ware Houses is about 1800 Metric Ton and 3600 Metric Ton. Marwahi is located many little km away from Bilaspur between Korba District of Chhattisgarh.
Chhattisgarh Ware Houses Corporation Chairman addressing the Ware Houses Inauguration Ceremony and said that - "The Food Storage Capacity of Chhattisgarh increasing soon by the Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh and Corporation and Ware Houses Construction Work also planned in large numbeer the CGWH Corporation".
Bilaspur District - Marwahi Area the 65 Lacs INR many ware houses inaugurated by Ashok Bajaj and 76 Lacs INR many ware houses with food storage capacity of 1800 Metric Ton and 3600 Metric Ton.



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